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Stargate Atlantis Screencaptures
13 July 2020 @ 12:38 am

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Stargate Atlantis Screencaptures
05 June 2007 @ 01:41 pm
Well, we are still in the process of organizing this LJ. Wikked and I are working very had to get this going and my sweet and dearest Nytel is handling the layout of the journal. 

Just thought I'd post this since Wikked and I will be posting the caps soon. The only challenge that I see is posting all these caps. Right now I hate using the Scrapbook and that is the only place I find a feature where I can upload images in groups instead of one by one. But that is a nightmare. 

So, here's crossing my fingers that we can do this. Otherwise, I have no idea how I"m going to post over 1,000 caps per episode with this slow method of uploading images in LJ.

If this does work, hope you enjoy these caps as much as I will. 

Wish us luck.