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jeyla4ever2's Journal

Stargate Atlantis Screencaptures
This idea I've had for awhile. I'm just learning how to do some artwork and finding good caps is challenging. So, thanks to the wonderful Wikkedangel, we've teamed up to find a place to store these caps instead of searching for them or storing them all in our hard drive.

Each of these caps have been specifically screened to give you the best quality. The focus will be not so much to illustrate the episode but instead for caps that can be used for any sort of artwork. Hence, this is a labor of love.

Because this started with my favorite characters, John and Teyla, all of their caps will be displayed in every entry for every episode. The rest will be in zipped files.

The only thing that Wikkedangel and I ask is that you leave us a comment when you snag any caps. This way we know that this journal is being used accordingly. Credit is also appreciated, but not mandated.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy these caps as much as we do.